Krista Braun, UK, Switzerland


Krista Braun, Austrian, born 1932. Works as a lecturer and facilitator for Biography Work and Development in Organisations. Next to that she is a consultant for biodynamic agriculture and adult education processes. Her work takes place in German and English speaking countries. She did her Training at the Centre for Social Development in England.Background : Biologist, parenting, business , biodynamic agriculture [email protected].

Anita Charton, Switzerland


Psychotherapist and Biographical Counsellor. She is a co-founder of the Biography and Social Development Trust and co-director of the Training in Biographical Counselling. Next to her course work she is currently working with cancer patients at the Lukas Klinik in Switzerland.

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Kent Holmström, Sweden


Dipl. Biograph. Counsellor. KH was born 1954. He is a trained pre-school teacher and waldorf teacher. He was a class teacher in a waldorf school for ten years. Together with his wife he built up and managed two institutes for under privileged children. Kent is running his own business ”Prothea” with his counselling practice, training programmes and supervision. He is a member of ”Stockholm’s Terapeuticum” where anthroposophic medicine and therapies are offered to the public.

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Margli Matthews, UK

Biographical Counsellor and Trainer, Co-Founder of the Biography and Social Development Trust and Co-director of the Training in Biographical Counselling. She is currently in private practice in the UK in London and Sussex, and runs training courses and workshops in the UK and several other [email protected]

Fumiko Chikami, UK, Japan


currently the Biography and Social Development Trust has 60 members from many different countries.