International Events

International Events

More and more leaders of professional training courses, such as painting therapy, eurythmy, creative speech, creative writing, teacher training, story telling and adult education, recognise that their participants need a deeper understanding of the laws of human biography – how they are expressed in their own lives as well as in the lives of the people that they will work with in their profession.

Trainers and Course Leaders working from the Biography and Social Development Trust have gained much experience over a number of years in making such contributions in a lively and practical way with the aim of increasing an awareness of life’s underlying issues, the dynamics of human relationships and skills for the human encounter. They are available to make contributions in a variety of ways which can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the particular training.

For further information contact:

Margli Matthews
[email protected]

Ongoing Training in Biography and Social Art
Sunbridge College, USA

Counselling as a Response to the Birth of a New Consciousness

The aim of this module is to deepen the understanding of the nature of our times and the forces we meet at the threshold of our own development and in our work with others. This is the ground from which we can develop the faculties and attitudes needed to help others.
This course will focus on:

The challenges and development conditions of our time that we experience in the events of our time and in our personal biographies

The awakening of a new consciousness of spirit realities in both our outer and inner life.

Understanding and working with human biography as a development path

Each day there will be talks and conversations on the theme, artistic and observation work, and biographical exercises to foster an exploration of the theme.

Waldorf Collaborative Counselling Training
Antioch University, USA

A one week module on: Biographical Counselling Skills and the Planets