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Biographical Counselling Skills

People working in social professions today increasingly find that their skills and capacities to meet and work with people have not been sufficiently developed or trained to cope with the kinds of questions and relationship dynamics that confront them on a daily basis.  This applies to teachers, art therapists, administrators, adult educators, doctors, consultants, lawyers, etc

This Training is designed to meet these needs by deepening self- knowledge, building an understanding of the laws of biography and training basic skills and attitudes to enable professionals to help others with conflicts, uncertainties, and underlying life issues and development questions. 

The course will take place in London one weekend a month from September 2002 – June 2003, concluding with a week residential in June 2003

Course Leader: Margli Matthews, Post-Graduate Diploma Counselling, Diploma Biographical Counselling, BACP Registered Practitioner. Margli is a biographical counsellor and trainer with over 20 years experience in adult education and private practice. A former faculty member of Emerson College and the Centre for Social Development. She co-directs the Training in Biographical Counselling, leads training courses and workshops and teaches in many courses and conferences throughout the world. She is a contributor to Lifeways and co-author of Ariadne´s Awakening, a book concerned with a new consciousness of the feminine and masculine principles in our lives.

The Training in Biographical Counselling Skills is a course complete in itself, providing social professionals with biographical counselling skills for the work place.  A Certificate in Biographical Counselling Skills is given on completion of the course and the training requirements. 

The Training also a Foundation Course in Biographical Counselling, and can be taken as the first module in an ongoing training to become a Biographical Counsellor.  Details of the full Training in Biographical Counselling are available upon request.

The course is open to people over 27 years of age and engaged in a profession working with others.

An advanced module of the Training in Biographical Counselling :                                                                      Biographical Counselling as a Path of Development

will be taking place from 6 – 31 May 2002at Peredur Centre for the Arts,East Grinstead, UK

Course Leader: Margli Matthews

This course is open to participants who have finished the Training in Biographical Skills for Social Profession

Biography Work with Groups

a 4 week coursefrom 4 – 28 June 2002at Peredur Centre for the Arts

East Grinstead, UK

Course Coordinators: Krista Braun assisted by Fumiko Chikami

The course will offer a fundamental knowledge and attitude to run Biography Workshops in a creative way.Participants will have the opportunity to explore and practice their faculties in: Giving lecturesCreating exercisesVarious Artistic ActivitiesGroup dynamics

Facilitation skills and other faculties needed to create integrated workshops

The course will be a co-creation of coordinators and participants

For  more information on all the courses and also on the full Training to become a Biographical Counsellor  mail to:

The Biography and Social Development TrustFirst Floor North, Hillside HouseLewes Road, Forest Row, RH18 5ES,UK

Tel/Fax: +44(0)1342 822907

Email: [email protected]


Introduction Course to Biographical Counselling Skills

from 11 – 22 March 2002
in Florianopolis, Brazil

Course Leader: Anita Charton

This course is run in collaboration with the Brasilian Association for Biography Work and is open to professionals who have had a previous training in Biography Work as it is offered at Artemisia, Brasil or equivalent.The course language is english with translation into portuguese:

For more Information contact

Anita Charton:              Email: [email protected]
Marcia della Negra:      Email: [email protected]:

Diploma Course in the Training in Biographical Counselling

from 2 – 19 April 2002
in Florianopolis, Brasil

Course leaders: Anita Charton and Margli Matthews

This course is open to participants who have completed the previous modules and have fulfilled all the other requirements for participation.

For more information contact:

Anita Charton or Margli Matthews on : [email protected]

South Africa

A Training in Biographical Counselling Skills for Social Professions has started in Cape Town in March 2001

Course Leader: Anita Charton assisted by Kent Holmström and
                           Michael Chase

For information on further courses contact:

Anita Charton on: [email protected]


A Training in Biographical Counselling Skills for Social Professions has started in Sankt Petersburg, Russia in August 2001

Course leader: Margli Matthews assisted by Zinaida Syroviatkina

For information on further courses contact:

In the UK: Margli Matthews:       [email protected]

In Russia: Zinaida Syroviatkina: [email protected]
                                                 Tel: 007 82147 19447


Activities of the Biography and Social Development Trust in Sweden:
Next to his work in individual biographical counselling Kent Holmström  is coordinating some activites of the Trust in Sweden.:A training programme for people working with personal assistance to handicapped clients is run by ”Prothea” and presented in association with the Biography and Social Development Trust.

There is some interest in Scandinavia for developing training modules in biographical counselling skills. Issues concerning social development, biography work and individual supervision are also in great demand.

To get in touch with the Trust and its work in Sweden, please contact: Kent Holmström

Postal address: Ljungstigen 5, 15336 Järna, Sweden

Telephone and fax no.: +46 8 6151339

E-mail: [email protected]


Supervision Group in Biographical Counselling (closed group)

Information: Anita Charton