Biography and Social Development Trust | Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling | Year 3 | UK based – Sussex

“The therapeutic relationship was revealed to me in a way that I had not realized … awakened entirely new areas of study and thought. I received insights that have stimulated dormant processes of study, and practice that support the real working relationship with my clients in a way that I could not have managed without these profoundly exciting lectures.”                         

The work on my research project was a huge threshold experience. Words like ‘enlightening’ come to mind and remain as realities beyond the struggles of academic work. All emotions and thought processes were awakened, and stimulated whilst working on my research project. I felt stretched and challenged in this year. It was intense and completely absorbed my every waking (and sleeping moment)… I loved immersing myself in the research and the study.”

“Counselling Practice ….by the third year we had developed mature feedback skills as a group. …We had reached the freedom of being able to move and work with the format we had learnt so carefully over the three years. This is also when it was possible to witness everyone’s individual ways of working emerge. These sessions were often tough but a gift.” 




Year 3: Biographical Counselling as a Vocation
The year is comprised of 2 weeks and 9 weekends.

“Learn your theories as well as you can, but put these aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul.

Not theories, but your own creative individuality alone must decide.”  



– The aims, practice and process of biographical counselling. – The therapeutic relationship. – The process and activity of research. – Professional and ethical questions of counselling. – Supervision. – Working with specialist themes such as: illness & death, facing adversary forces, karma, working  with dreams, myth and story. – The inner gesture and spiritual path of biographical counselling.

– Presentations of case studies and research.

To complete this year students are required to:

– Complete all the training modules and requirements.

– Complete a minimum of 695 training hours.

– Complete 40 hours of personal counselling/psychotherapy.

– Complete a minimum of 50 hours of supervised biographical counselling skills practice and learning, keep a record of one’s experience and be supervised on one’s work, with a minimum of 1 supervision session to 8 client hours.

– Complete a minimum of 200 practice hours with at least 10 different clients, keep a record of one’s practice and be in regular supervision for one’s work, with a total of 35 hours of supervision. A minimum of 1 supervision session to 8 client hours, 1 supervision session every other week, and at least 1 and ½ hours a month is required, with supervision on each client.

Students may take a maximum of two years after completing their formal in course training to achieve the required number of client and supervision hours for diploma. They need a minimum of 50 supervised practice hours with 5 different clients to be able to graduate.

– Hand in a written case study, 3000 – 3500 words, give a detailed oral presentation to students and tutors and be supervised on this work by both students and tutors.

– Hand in a written research project, 5000 words, on an aspect of Biographical Counselling and give an oral presentation to students and tutors.

– Have two individual assessments with tutors of readiness to complete

A Diploma in Biographical Counselling is awarded on the successful completion of all training modules and requirements. Only when a Diploma has been awarded can a person advertise themselves as a certified biographical counsellor.

The Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling complies with  the guidelines that have been agreed with the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach Switzerland.

The Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling is a BACP accredited training.

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