Biography and Social Development Trust | Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling | Year 2 | UK based – Sussex

“The professional aspect of the counselling approach was fore grounded throughout as we were made aware of and worked with the other counselling streams. The constant reference to the ethics, hygiene and structure of the biographical counselling training and practice brought a seriousness and commitment from the students. The focus on the ‘outside world;’ my role as a prospective counsellor became a complete full on reality. The learning curve went up 45 degrees for me, not least in what it means to sit in the counsellor’s chair… I felt for the first time an internal sense of Biographical Counselling.”

“The male and female aspects brought tangibility to the notion of karma and had an especially strong impact on my own personal journey. Working with these questions in a systematic way in the counselling practice was a hugely significant experience.”

“Inner development was the absolute core for me, so important… like going to the gym and learning to build up a body I was barely aware existed.”      




Year 2: Biographical Counselling as a Path of Development
The year is comprised of 3 weeks, 7 weekends and 2 extended weekends.

“Seek for the light of the path, but be aware that you search in vain, if you do not become light yourself.” 

R. Steiner

Contents: – The aims, practice and process of Biographical Counselling. – Questions of healing and development in our time. – The history of the profession. – Illnesses of our times. – Comparative models of counselling. – Biographical Counselling in relation to other schools of counselling. – Understanding and working with the dynamics and polarities of the human soul. – Karma and psychology: the impact of early childhood on the development of the ‘I’. – Supervision. – Professional and ethical questions of counselling. – The nature of the counsellor/client relationship.

– Biographical Counselling in different settings.

– The meditative path of the biographical counsellor.

To complete this year students are required to:

– Undertake personal counselling/psychotherapy.

– Complete all the training modules and requirements.

– Complete a minimum of 50 hours of supervised biographical counselling skills practice and learning, keep a record of one’s experience and be supervised on one’s work .

– Arrange a placement for biographical counselling practice, keep a client record, be in regular supervision and keep a supervision journal.

– Write an 2000 – 2500 word essay on a speicfic theme studied in the year.

– Write a 1000 word piece of reflective writing on their inner and outer process in the year.

– Write a 4000 word essay on biographical counselling in relation to other schools of counselling/psychotherapy.

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