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The first year of the course has given me a strong foundation in how biographical counselling works. Which is very useful for me coming from a Cognitive therapy and clinical psychology background. …The course has given me the opportunity to see new ways to work with human life, to reconnect with this lost passion for the struggle of the human life…..For me it has been a significant encounter with myself, and with others.”

“The artistic work was an essential counter balance to the lectures and talks. It allowed us to experience what we have been talking about and provided a space for laughter, humor, self-exploration, and observation of others. All of what we did was excellent.”

“The biographical research project was a challenge. To process this persons life on a material, emotional, mental and spiritual level – reading, researching and putting it on paper, stepping into, feeling and experiencing his life, trying to discern what was him and what was me, what his life meant to me -was enormously powerful, revealing process.”   




Year 1: Foundations in Biographical Counselling

“Human beings want to become conscious of what they are and know themselves to be as human beings: their human dignity, their significance and force as human beings…they strive to arrive at a picture of their own being.”

R. Steiner

This year is designed as a course complete in itself, providing social and health care professionals with biographical counselling skills for their personal and professional development. It also provides participants with a foundation for further professional training to become a biographical counsellor.

The year is comprised of 3 weeks and 9 weekends, with approximately 245 contact hours.

A Certificate in Biographical Counselling Skills is awarded on the successful completion of all modules and requirements of Year 1.

Only when a student has achieved Diploma are they able to practice as a biographical counsellor.

Contents: – Biographical Counselling in relation to the awakening of a new consciousness – The image of the human being out of spiritual science – The psychological and spiritual challenges that arise from the crossing of the spiritual threshold in our time – Understanding human biography – Basic attitudes, faculties and ethics of biographical counselling – Biographical Counselling skills – The human encounter – The inner development path of the biographical counsellor

To complete this year students are required to:

– Write a 1000 word piece of reflective writing on their own development in the course.

– Write a 4000 word biographical study of a known personality and give an oral presentation to students and tutors. A Certificate in Biographical Counselling Skills is awarded on the successful completion of this year and the training requirements. This award certifies people to use biographical counselling skills in the profession they are already engaged in. It does not enable people to practice as biographical counsellors.

BACP Course Accreditation applies only to the full 3 year training and the award of Diploma in Biographical Counselling given on completion of all training modules and requirements of the training. Only when students have achieved Diploma are they able to practice as a biographical counsellor.

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