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“Above all I would like to present human biography to you as a whole, in all its greatness. I would like to show you how human beings are indeed a kind of microcosm, a small world. Everything we have all around us, not only on earth but also in the starry heavens, is in us, being part of the laws that govern our evolution.”  

R. Steiner

The Biography and Social Development Trust has been established to serve individual development and social renewal by providing an international forum for training, research and exchange in the field of biographical counselling, biography work and the human encounter out of the perspective of anthroposophy. Though based in England, its activities take place in many different parts of the world. It aims to make Biography Work and Biographical Counselling known and available in a cross-cultural context.

The trust is carried by trustees and members. For further information on becoming a member please contact: [email protected]