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“Every experience of our lives contains the mystery of our whole existence. It is a crystallisation, a condensation of past and future, of what we have been, and what we can become.” 

M. Matthews




“Each one of us has it in their self to be a free spirit, just as every rose bud has in itself a rose.”

     R. Steiner

Biographical Counselling is based on an imagination of human potential and challenge in the 21st century that inspires a search for renewed meaning, creativity and connection and links individual development with a path towards social renewal. It offers a new perspective on life crisis that takes account of our bodily, soul and spiritual existence, the cycles and rhythms of biographical development and the dynamics of human struggle.

We live in a time when outer supports and securities are falling away while the inner dimensions of reality come ever more into daily consciousness. We venture into areas of soul not accessible to ordinary consciousness, where pathological aberrations and spiritual insights stand next to each other and can become confused. An increasing number of people live with existential questions that no other generation has had to face with the same intensity. In the course of their lives, many people confront events, uncertainties and moral dilemmas that leave them feeling lonely and bewildered. They may lose their connection to others, to themselves and to the source of their own potential.

Biographical Counselling understands the trials and psychological distress of our time as a call from the future for the awakening of a new consciousness and the realisation of our worth, dignity and freedom as human beings. It aims to support the development of the human ‘I’ at the threshold of this awakening. It encourages people to come into dialogue with their own biography in order to reach through to the truth of their own being and find renewed confidence and creativity for the future.

Biographical Counselling is a spiritual psychology informed and inspired by Anthroposophy, a science of the spirit that was founded and developed by the Austrian philosopher, scientist and spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Anthroposophy is a path of inner activity that leads to self-knowledge and the development of faculties of perception needed to serve others in their development. It awakens an understanding of the human being and human biography, the nature of the human encounter, and the challenges in individual lives today.

“I can understand another soul only by transforming my own, as one transforms one’s hand by placing it in another’s.”