The Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling

The Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling has been developed in response to the ever increasing need in our time to find new ways of responding to the existential questions that many people face today. Moral and ethical dilemmas, uncertainties and the falling away of outer supports and securities call for the awakening of a new consciousness – for an understanding of life that acknowledges and encompasses our bodily, soul and spiritual existence.

Biographical Counselling aims to help people in life crisis enter into dialogue with their own life story. Through exploring the interweaving of past, present and future, people begin to read the language of their own biography, discover their essential life themes and tasks, and thereby find new strength and meaning for the future.

Anthroposophy, a science of the spirit, was founded by the Austrian philosopher, scientist and spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner. It offers a path of inner activity that leads to selfknowledge and the development of faculties of perception needed to serve others in their development. It awakens an understanding of the human being and the nature of the human encounter, the laws of biography and the challenges in individual development today. This informs and inspires the training in Biographical Counselling.

The information on the website about the Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling is also available in a brochure. You can download a digital brochure of the Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling or if you would like to receive a brochure by post please contact the Biography and Social Development Trust.

Elements of the training

-Lectures and seminars -Facilitated and supervised work with one’s own biography and counselling skills practice in small groups -Artistic activities -Schooling of consciousness -Ethical and professional questions of counselling -Written assignments -Assessment and tutorials -Personal development groups -Case discussion groups -Supervision and research -Presentations of practice experiences, research and case studies